Antonyms of a military sportswoman

         I discovered her by recommendation. After a telephone conversation about her life as a sportswoman, inclusive in the army, she conquered me, and I try to understand through what more:

         By the fact that she is 1.52 cm tall, 50 kg and has been practicing women’s wrestling for 15 years since he was a child?

         By being a national champion in this sport for 10 consecutive years, what does it mean that it is unmatched in this segment at the country level?

         By the fact that she tends to reach her goal with the pine tenacity growing in the rock, and out of the fights, she is the embodiment of meekness? ..

         Certainly, I want that you figure out Private 2nd class, Emilia Ciricu, an international class master in women’s wrestling, one of the few high-performance sports remaining in our National Army.

         Her story is almost algorithmic since the school years when she decided to do the Republican Boarding School Athletics: studies, strict diet, training, competitions, victories. During this period there is no worry about accommodation or food, you focus only on sports: „But, after graduation, you are on your own. If you want to continue dedicating yourself to sports, you have to pay for your studies at the university, to pay for accommodation, food, which means either to hire or to have financial support from your parents, for example. That is why many decide to leave the field. „The first hard lesson of life – to feel defeat towards the hope to do what you love.”

         Our protagonist was lucky to know another fate. In 2013 she won the bronze at the European Championship, thus benefiting of sports scholarship: „… and every year I tried to get a good result to have a scholarship, to have for existence”. In fact, that year can be described as the year of achievements and opportunities: she won silver at the European Championship, became world champion, sportswoman of the year in Moldova and received the offer to join the Army Sports Club.

         Why would a sportswoman come to the army? Because athletes do not have a salary, they live on scholarships, acquired based on victories (gold, silver or bronze) or being an employee of the army you ensure financial stability, and you can focus on training, competitions, etc. Even so, the final decision to join the military was made one year later, in November 2014. But this alternative is not anointed with honey, she would find out a few months later when the Sports Club changed the status: „I was transferred to the 2nd Motorized Infantry Brigade to the position of staff sergeant, 23rd Battalion, logistics department. Every half year we are detached to the Army Sports Club, at the end of the term new requests are made and if the Minister of Defense approves to continue – we continue. „We must know that an influencing factor, in this case, has the performance of the athlete. Obviously, the army wants victorious, professional staff to be proud of them.

         By the way, as a soldier she has obligations – to announce about every participation, leave the country, and sometimes she has to work at the office: „If I were asked to come to work every day, I would be left the army, because a professional athlete the life includes 2 daily training, a daily routine incompatible with a job from 8.00 to 17.00.” Additional, as a sportsperson, she is not allowed to participate in army events, even with demonstrations.

         The rules dictate the life of the athlete not only concerning the army. For example, just the gold holder at the national stage can participate in international competitions, the same to the world competitions. It’s a fierce battle, which Emilia is constantly winning at the national level. Still, it remains a challenge at the following levels: „I really want to win one of the gold, silver or bronze medals in the senior category, after the age of 23 years. Such a result will allow me to leave sports with a retirement salary for the whole life.”

         For now, at European competitions and tournaments, usually held in Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, she gets 7th and 5th places. Given that the 4th place does not exist, because the bronze is divided between two winners, we understand that she is very close to achieving her dream.

         In the „spice” compartment behind the scenes of women’s fights, I found out that: „… There is malice, envy, there is no revenge level, but we can get some traumas. The girls, who we fight in competitions are the ones we train the gym and then they can intentionally hurt you to eliminate from the game. The most affected parts are the shoulders, knees, back, coccyx. It’s a classic atmosphere at European or global level, too.” The military championships in freestyle wrestling are probably no exception, but unfortunately, our country doesn’t participate there, the reason is the same – our army can’t afford the participation and membership fees.

         Beyond the hostile and dangerously harsh environment, there is a place for politeness and even friendship: „On the carpet-enemies, after the carpet-friends” – the motto of the fighters. This is how, at one of the events abroad, 11 years ago, Emilia met the one who became her best friend: „My friend is from Ukraine, I found a common language immediately. Her openness and receptivity attracted by. I was pleased that she came to my wedding, she’s like a sister. We never fought with her, we are in different categories, plus she has already left the sport. Anyway, we continue to talk about sports and much more, especially on social networks. „

         An even more affectionate compartment, the opposite of the warrior sport, is family life. As a wife and mother, she is sweet, gentle and tender. It is an incurable romantic, fiery of Indian films: „Although both parents are sportsmen (the husband is from the Sambo- Martial arts), we will not insist that our little girl continue our passions. We will respect her decisions; until then, we strive to have a healthy lifestyle from all points of view. Speaking of a former coach – you may not become a champion, but you have to be a human – a golden rule, which must be possessed by any person, whether or not an athlete. „

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