Morse code – mandatory for militaries

         On January 11, we mark The Name In Morse Code Day. The name of the National Army would look like this – ..-..- – – – .- . -..  .- .-.– – . –

         Beyond the curious aspect, the Morse Code, invented in the mid-1830s, was the main way of distance communication for a long time, implicitly among the militaries. Pioneers were American aviators, and by 1930 the code was so valuable that all soldiers and civilians have to know it.

         During the Second World War, the Morse Code was used in radiotelegraphy, indispensable to modern armies. Obviously, the messages were encrypted so that enemies wouldn’t understand them.

         Morse code had the longest life of all electronic coding systems, being used until 1997 when the French navy sent the last message, which read: „To all. This is the last cry before our eternal silence. „

January 2021

In Romanian:

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