Forbidden umbrella

         On February 10, we celebrate International Umbrella Day. This indispensable object today, especially on rainy days, has a history of over 4000 years. The first umbrellas, created in China from paper meant to protect human from the sun’s rays. A curious example is a well-placed umbrella on the side of a Terracotta army chariot, owned by Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China.

         The sunny umbrellas thought and used the Middle East, ancient Egypt and Rome. In Europe, this accessory became important in the Middle Ages, and at the same time, the other destination appeared – protection from the rain. Over time, the umbrella has become not only protective but also an instrument of attack. A resounding case occurred in 1978, when Bulgarian writer Georgi Markov was killed with a dose of castor oil injected through a modified umbrella.

         After centuries and even millennia, the umbrella has proved its worth; some armies forbid it today. For example, Britain’s army forces have an unofficially regulated tradition, but it is respected with some pride. Until recently (2013), the US Armed Forces and the US Marine Corps also had clearly defined regulations, according to which male officers don’t allow to use umbrellas. Military women had the right to use umbrellas only in unfavorable conditions, hold them only in their left hand, and be completely black. The rule is because the umbrellas create the obstacles during the military salute.

         The National Army of the Republic of Moldova has never had this restriction. However, for convenience and accuracy, especially in camp conditions, the umbrella is replaced by waterproof covers and coats.

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