Military woman in science

          February 11, starting with 2016, is known as the International Day of Girls and Women in Science. The aim of the event is to eliminate discrimination in this segment and encourage them to develope professionally. On this occasion, we set out to know the woman soldiers of the National Army, who dedicated themselves to scientific activity. For example, Major Uliana Stati, professor at the Military Academy of the Armed Forces, is a doctor of biological sciences: “I worked on my thesis for 7 years, an interesting experience, which also brought me satisfaction. It is true that in our country it is difficult to do science, but with positive thinking and good people around, as were the professors from the Medicine College, I finished this scientific project. ” She obtained her PhD before the army, being a teacher in several secondary and higher education institutions, and in the army works for over 14 years: “Having a scientific degree, I can teach at the Military Academy and I really like what I do, my students are like my own children and I hardly part with them. Another advantage of the scientific degree is the addition to the salary, but only if you have a suitable position. ”

          According to J1, the Personnel and Mobilization Directorate of the Ministry of Health, in the National Army there are 4 military women with a scientific degree, all in socio-humanities. Unfortunately, a database on civilian employees, doctors of science, doesn’t exist.

          In the world, less than 30% of researchers are women, of which 5% choose natural sciences and engineering and 8% construction and industry, informs UNESCO.

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