Squared moto pleasure

         The same name, the same unit, the same military rank, the same passion … These are lieutenants Grigore Cotorobai (GC) and Grigore Litocenco (GL) from the Air Defense Regiment passionate about motorcycles.

         Both loved this type to travel from childhood: „Both mother and father rode the motorcycle, being very useful for the household,” confesses GC. „When I was little, I often accompanied my uncle on a tour of the village with his motorcycle, and he made me the happiest child in the world,” admits GL.

         So far, with the similarities. Below we reveal the officers’ separate stories.

         Grigore Cotorobai started riding a motorcycle at the 14 agest and has owned three up to present: „The first was a small one, Minsk, which I assembled from different pieces, and I got a good result. I did the test on the roads from Durlești, my hometown. Gradually I switched to a big one, such as the Yawa 350. I’m faithful to the Soviet models, I know them down to the smallest detail, they don’t consume much, it’s affordable for our pockets, and the others don’t tempt me.”

         With the three vehicles on two wheels: one created, another bought and the last one received as a gift, the young man roamed the whole city, Chisinau and many other areas not too far away. He looks for obstacle courses because it gives him intense sensations: „I like speed and doing acrobatics with a motorcycle, I love the state when the wind blows in front of you, it’s an incomparable adrenaline.”

         Beyond these extreme conditions, the soldier had no accidents. Appreciable, I say, considering that motorcycling is regarded as one of the most dangerous hobbies due to daily accidents. Even so, the number of bikers increased explosively, starting with the 19th century, due to technological developments and when it became a sport.

         Our protagonist, however, is not interested in sports. He doesn’t participate in competitions, but only in certain public events, group meetings – he keeps this pleasure private. Asked if any girl rode the motorcycle, he answered me confidently: „Hey, how many more girls … but not all in a row, I chose them carefully, among the conditions was to like them”.

         Today, Grigore lives with memories and hope for the new season of motorcycling: „I have to find some more defective parts and my moto friend will be ready for adventures. Unfortunately, I have little free time. „

         Lieutenant Grigore Cotorobai is a deputy commander, a logistics company in ADR, in charge of repairing the equipment, knowledge acquired before the army, at UTM as a technical engineer. One of the resonance projects he also contributed, was the restoration of the armored equipment, which participated in the water training last summer. As for the choice of a military career, the man said: „I lived among the military, my father was a firefighter … An officer in uniform meant something omnipotent, almost divine, so I can’t imagine another lifestyle.”

         The second Grigore – Litocenco, is not from the military or motorcyclist dynasty – he lived on the street, and his parents didn’t agree to buy a motorcycle for security reasons. That’s why the child relied a lot on the generosity of his friends: „The older boys had Carpat, Delta mopeds and they let me wander the streets a bit. God, what happiness on my head, I was going at 30-40 km / h, but I seemed to be flying no other. That state of freedom is difficult to express in words. The desire to have such a scooter grew with me. Before the military service, I was ready to get one, but the army’s summons came, so I postponed my dream. „

         After the army, he was doubly motivated: first- to fulfill a similar his father’s dream, who went to heaven and second – properly ambition to own a motorcycle.

         Finally came the year of ecstasy. In the spring of 2017, disregarding his wife’s upsets, he bought on credit his first small motorcycle – Zontes 170: „I was going with her to the country, to the Dniester with friends, I traveled on the lands of Moldova, driving for hours without I feel tired. The advantage of a motorcycle is that you can get everywhere, and some destinations in Moldova are accessible only for two-wheeled transport. Unfortunately, I had an accident and sold it. My happy wife thought I forget about the motorcycle. Pour lady didn’t know that I had prepared the money for the next one and that I had been waiting for the new purchase for two weeks.”

         This new motorcycle challenges him to new goals – long-distance travel, including abroad and specialized competitions. Moreover, he makes enduro tourism his eye: „I plan to compete with other colleagues next year, but not at speed, but at riding a motorcycle. It’s a different experience. I also want a sports motorcycle: bigger, more comfortable, more imposing in appearance, much more suitable for long journeys.”

         For now, with the city car, the young man enjoys the field offers, such as social campaigns, public events, regular rallies: „I liked the 2019 closing season event when I drove in a 1-2 km column on the capital’s main street. It’s sensational moving in a group, and it’s a synchronization of emotions, an atmosphere is out of the ordinary. Likewise, we enjoyed walking the children from the orphanages and those wishing to the final point of our tour. These meetings offer the opportunity to meet new people, to make friends, to exchange experiences.”

         For those interested, the motorcyclist also has some advice: at the beginning – a classic, light motorcycle, which is easier to handle, especially in the city, so traffic safety is higher and a little brake on impulses: „This is how to drive one-two seasons, and then he will understand what model he needs next.”

         Human’s passion is deep, but without fanaticism, says the philosopher Epictetus – Control thy passions lest they take vengeance on thee. There are some limits, which he will not exceed to our admiration: he does not accept loud sounds, especially at night: „Naughty behavior of young people, who want to get attention to himself, becomes annoyingly even for me, who loves motorcycles. The sound shouldn’t be loud, but not down because you can go unnoticed and there is a risk of accidents. An average sound is enough to be heard and is not annoying to those around you. „

         Another principle respected by our protagonist is intelligent driving: „There is no need for a special track for motorcycles, but I want more careful driving. The motorcycle is lighter and needs a long way to brake, so auto drivers must refrain from sudden actions. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are also wrong. Some drivers without a license and they make a bad image of us all. If there were more respect and more users of two-wheeled vehicles in urban areas, as we have seen in Athens, Bucharest,  would reduce traffic, and it would be less stressful.”

         Lieutenant Grigore Litocenco is less known to the military as a motorcyclist, even he has this passion for some time. Being at work, he dedicates himself to the position – platoon commander Mobile radiolocation, 2nd battalion, ADR, where he researches the airspace, restores the older stations, leads with the soldiers.

         It is said that the motorcycle doesn’t accept everyone; it chooses them according to the criteria only it knows. If we interpret sociologist David Matza’s theory, the affinity for motorcycles is due to particular circumstances. However, we won’t delve into science, and perhaps we should not understand them, but only to accept those who choose to live the feeling of freedom, to relax with this type of transport, which makes contact with nature easier, is more environmentally friendly, because unlike the car, it consumes less and offers you the most memorable experiences.

In Romanian: https://dragostinavicol.org/2021/02/17/moto-placere-la-puterea-a-2-a/

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