You know French, you develop fast.

           French Language Day, marked on March 20, is an opportunity to analyze how present it is among the military. For example, the students of the Military Academy study this language for 5 semesters. Obviously, the level of language knowledge is different, and the most skilled take advantage of an internship in France, informed Colonel Gheorghe Țurcanu, vice-rector for education: “Every year 2 Moldovan students go to France and opposite for an experience exchange during a month. The collaboration started 4 years ago. ” It is a good motivation for young people to develop their speaking skills in French, but also to become a developed multilateral commander, added Mrs Aliona Donica, one of the 2 French language teachers at the Academy.

Also, the military can study the French language at the Language Training Center of the National Army and the French Alliance of Moldova. It is true that we no longer have candidates for this course, but there are opportunities, said Colonel Țurcanu. 

           There are also opportunities for missions, such as those of the European Union, where the French language is required. The first soldier to reach an EU Military Advisory Mission (EUMAM) in the Central African Republic was Colonel Anatol Zavtur, seconded as a liaison officer.

           Additional, the National Army since 2018 has two positions in the EU mission in Mali: artillery instructor and doctor, but in this case, English is also accepted, concluded Colonel Sergiu Vicol, head of J5 Strategic Planning Directorate and MSM.

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