An April of the birds

           April’s first day is dedicated, without any joke, to birds. The secular event urges us to know and respect birds as an essential element of balance in nature, including human life.

           It’s no secret that birds, especially parrots and pigeons, as flying postmen fought for peace with militaries and certainly deserved a hero title.

           Today, the flyers enjoy the clear sky and give us a colorful visual and auditory show. Moreover, it inspires art lovers to create. For example, in the Military Academy of the Armed Forces, I discovered a nest of talents for which the bird occupies a special place. Natalia Buliurcă is attracted by the songs, the beauty and the complexity of the birds: „They embody the freedom and happiness. I often drew the sparrow – she is a fighter, she has no pretentious shapes and colors, so it’s easy to draw it. I also tried swans, and I think they are the most graceful birds, which we especially enjoy in the spring.”

           The resonant voice, even the military one, the brightly colored tail and the confident movement of the peacock conquered Ana-Maria Babii from the first: „She is a special bird, she provokes only positive emotions, I am impressed by her lifestyle. Even if I like the lonely and black crow as it is, the first bird I think of is the peacock.”


Georgeta Stoica also noticed the crow’s intelligence”We usually don’t like the color and her squeaking, but if we knew how creative and insistent she finds solutions to various situations, we looked at this bird differently.” However, the military student offered us a for admiration a Phoenix, which she associates with spring: „It symbolizes the resurrection like spring, it represents fire, light and the power to rise to all challenges, it is a symbol of trust, and we need these states.”


 A durable connection Adelina Stavila has established with the night owl. The young woman, raised in an artistic environment, made the owl in the most creative ways: „I have made owls from geometric figures, graphic technique with pen, from cardboard, which my mother uses as teaching material and every time I create an owl with what I have at hand. I can’t explain why this bird. I once thought it was because I was more productive at night. This attachment is kept beyond my current program. „


There are about 300 species of birds in the Republic of Moldova.

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