Moldovan-Serbian-Georgian military scalene triangle

         From the lands where Sarba is like a business card of the national dance, let’s move to Serbia, where Slava and Kafana are the famous places. It is true that the Serbian armed forces, which have been celebrating their birthday on April 23 since 1815, are also in the spotlight. The country’s army, consisting of ground and air forces, became a professional since 2011 when it abolished compulsory military service. The stake is on the over 28 thousand active soldiers and the active and passive reserve. Serbia is a member of several international organizations, such as the UN, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the PfP, the BSEC and others, but it maintains military neutrality. The country ranks high in the global peace index.

         Serbia is a significant manufacturer and exporter of military equipment in the region, and the defense industry grows in recent years.

         These and/or other factors made the country recover quickly after the regional war. Moreover, it manages to host international events, such as the one Captain Sergiu Talpa, head of the weapons and ammunition storage service at the National Army Weapons and Ammunition Base, attended: „We had a week full of information and exchange of experience in the field. The basic purpose was to get new information elements of modern standards. The event took place in 2016, and today we can see an improvement in the sector in our army. As for the tourist aspect of the visit, I can say that I was impressed by the hospitality of the Serbs and the sightseeing places, especially the monasteries and the capital Belgrade.”

         Moldovan-Serbian cooperation began in 2014, and it’s a modest relation: some official meetings and training about cybersecurity, ammunition and gender equality, said Vasile Pugacescu, senior officer, International Cooperation Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

         The third point of our military triangle in this article is the country where Khachapuri is served like polenta in our country. Vardzia, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Sataplia are the first places proposed to visit, suggests Sofia Nutsubidze, the military spouse from Georgia, the only one of the three countries to have a sea and which mark Army Day on April 30.

         The essential components of the Georgian army are the ground, air and Special Operations forces, plus the National Guard. Curious that the naval forces are not a subdivision of the Ministry of Defense, but the Coast Guard.

         Georgia has a military industry history since ancient times. It has experienced both ups and downs but has continued to produce aircraft with and without a pilot, armored transport, ammunition, various types of artillery systems, ballistic equipment using their ingredients, and others for internal use.

         On the foreign military front, the Caucasian state creates and maintains collaboration with several states, including the Republic of Moldova, based on a cooperation agreement signed on October 1, 2014. Bilateral cooperation is indeed progressing timidly: „We participate jointly in multinational activities NATO, such as PfP, DBCI, exercises, conferences, training and within the Eastern Partnership, told us Colonel Gheorghe Oarza, Head of the Political Directorate of Defense and Defense Planning, MA.

         One of the activities taking place in Georgia, in which our country also participates, is the annual international conference on the development of the sergeant corps. At the event organized within the DIP program in 2018, we were represented by 1st class sergeant Andrei Cojocaru, chief sergeant of the National Army. For four days, the non-commissioned officer talked to the world about the professional training of Moldovan sergeants, to learn about new advances in the field and to get acquainted with Georgian civilization: „I was impressed by the Georgian culture, hospitality and traditions, including their folk dance. Also worth noting is the historic center of Tbilisi, which I visited one day. I want to add that Georgia has evolved enormously in the military segment, including the sergeant category. And we strive to move forward, to implement best practices, including from Georgians, who have provided us with informational support, visiting us regularly.”

         Every professional interaction leaves its mark. The hope is that the echoes will be only positive and mutually beneficial. Moreover, it’s a chance to make friends with similar passions and interests, which means another step towards the desire to maintain peace on the entire planet.

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