The fire winners

           The international community marks May 4 as International Firefighters’ Day, which comes as a gesture of gratitude for the devotion and sacrifice of these people.

           The National Army of the Republic of Moldova has its fire department and an adequately equipped fire engine. Why? … because according to the regulation, the fuel storage base, which has fuel tanks, must be able to intervene quickly in case of fire, Major Alexei Cucu, the unit’s commander, told us: „Each morning we report the condition of the car to see if it can be relied on in the next 24 hours, including for the community. Our last intervention was in the summer of 2020. During the experimental shootings carried out by the Infantry Brigade from Balti, a fire broke out, and our team extinguished the fire immediately. If we waited for the town firefighters, it might be too late.”

           The fire brigade group is like a reserve of the city’s fighting forces and is only involved in extreme cases. To maintain professional training, the Fuel Base participates in joint exercises with the local fire service twice a year.

           One of the two firemen, Dumitru Jeep, has a career of over 30 years, during which he extinguished many fires, but never in the military unit: „Colleagues are aware of the work conditions, of the objects that are dangerous, such as cigarettes, respectively they are responsible. Instead, fires are inadvertently occurring in the city. The most challenging firefighting operation I participated in was at a warehouse near the railway. It was night, big fire, noise … It happened about 15 years ago. „

           Although the fireman job is demanding and dangerous, he doesn’t regret the decision once taken, his family supports him, and he strives to keep it away from workplace stress. The firefighter position in the unit is a civil one, which allows Dumitru Jeep to work until retirement age.

           In addition to the international professional event, our firefighters enjoy the attention on April 5, when we mark Saviour’s Day in the Republic of Moldova.

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