Soldiers with wings

         They (birds) know best what freedom is; they (militaries) keep their freedom locked in the most hidden heart cells and obey orders. Beyond this difference, the flying and the military are representatives of peace, who offer us a state of peace, confidence and life expectancy.

         Perhaps not coincidentally, European Bird Day (May 24) is celebrated in the same month as Europe Day and Remembrance Day, promoting peace.

         At the same time, let’s guess what would happen if these two peacemakers live in one place? .. They would probably become dependent on each other and create a magical atmosphere around them: the birds would feel loved, appreciated and the militaries would ensure their coveted freedom and the will to move on. I perceived this well-being when I listen to two soldiers talking about their passions – raising birds.

         Soldier cl. III, Viorel Bordean, is a sniper in the 1st Motorized Infantry Brigade for several months. He learns to fight with the possible enemy from out of the country and with his feelings. Because it’s difficult to separate from pheasants, pitchers, pigeons and dear quails, especially from Elizabeth – the only quail with names from the 40 in his yard: „She behaves differently with me, she is finer, more elegant and I gave her this name thinking of the England Queen. The quail is a symbol of our family – the growing this bird I have known since my grandfather.”

         After studying how to take care of the birds and became old enough, the young man decided to create his farm in Codrul nou, Telenesti. For four years, he grew about 45 pitchers, 250 post-war pigeons and several pheasants: „Pheasants appeared unplanned in our family, my mother received a gift, and because we loved them, we let them multiply. They indeed like to make dirty, and they are noisy; we like them anyway. They are different from the usual domestic birds.”

         The pheasants lived with the other birds initially, but because they didn’t accept the sparrows, the owners separated them. Now the morning shift is a quiet and pleasant one: „The pitchers are miniature chickens, but they like a lot of space, they have thin voices, and when I pass among them, each sings to me differently to demonstrate individuality. It’s a pleasure to listen to and admire them. „

         In addition to birds, the farmer also has simple rabbits and pelicans, which are furry and larger. They raise all of them with pleasure; some offer as a present. After the army, he thinks to make the farm public, so anyone interested can visit it, advisable in warm weather, when the birds feel different, and the landscape is more spectacular.

         When you reach the Butesti Gorges from Glodeni and notice some pigeons, you should know that they belong to Adrian Ucrainet. For more than four years, he has been raising several species of pigeons, including travelers, a species used during wars to send messages: „This species can fly up to 100 km, they have sky color, so it’s difficult to observe them. In addition, they are the only ones who return home; they know the way and do not deviate from it. They learn a distance of 20-30 km gradually during about 4-5 years. The post-pigeon also participate in competitions. Mines are not ready for such events yet, but I went to exhibitions with them.”

         The passion for pigeons started from a pair received as a gift. The Internet has suggested which species to target, and now the man has about 100 simple pairs and 130 breeds, including Ching, Buhari, Belts and Boxers – some pigeons that are not afraid even to take the hawk. : „Boars are beautiful species with brown, white or combined black and white color. They are fluffy and used as pets. It’s the same with the Ching breed – the symbol of tenderness, flies up to 10 m maximum 5 minutes, but it’s worth every moment. For such a reward, I always take care of them. In fact, they are not pretentious: they need food, water on time, cleanliness, a warm winter bed and freedom.”

         Pigeons are friendly birds. Maybe that’s why one day, a pair of pigeons came to his farm and, befriending his family, refused to leave.

         The Bordean family household means not only 230 pigeons but also over 100 rabbits and about 30 fodder, which they raise for their fur and meat. However, the young man also makes time for his friends. So, he has every reason to fulfill his duty to the Fatherland as a grenadier diligently to return to his winged environment next year.

         The birds, both to the two soldiers and to us in general, offer us much more benefit than we imagine or can describe. They heal us; their chirping creates a harmony of the psyche and the body, says the ornithologist – bioacoustic, doctor of biological sciences Valeriu Iliciev (, and a defender of peace must be balanced.

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