Euro-American May

         Like a Lilac plant, we can compare the relationship between the subjects from this article. The association is simple: four petals – four armies, which the National Army collaborates with, celebrate Army Day in May. As Flower’s mouth can’t pass without the penetrating smell and the attractive color of the Lilacs, the same, the military structure couldn’t evolve without the support from foreign countries, implicitly those targeted here. Or the Liliac, nicknamed the „memory flower „, creates an opportunity to highlight the memories collected over the years with each of the four countries.


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         We will start with the Roses’ country, which celebrates Armed Forces Day on May 6, when fireworks, parades and military ceremonies domain the entire country. For the other days, the land, air and naval forces work hard to maintain their title as guarantor of the defense and support of international peace. For example, since 2004, the year of NATO membership, Bulgaria has held more than 700 troops in three countries and has missions in many other parts of the world. Bulgaria interacts bilaterally on the military segment with approximately 50 countries, including Moldova, since 1995. The most productive period was in 2006-2009. As joint activities, we can call some official meetings, exhibitions, and military studies in recent years, Bulgaria being the host country, informs Major Vasile Pugacescu, chief officer, International Cooperation Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

         Lieutenant-Colonel Lucreția Pascari-Tomoianu, got an English-language schooling of military terms and the organization of exercises / theaters of multinational operations in 2019: „This course was organized for the first time in Bulgaria and is welcome for us, because it helps us to orient ourselves more easily in the organization and execution of the main objectives set at the international level.”

         The officer is currently using her knowledge on the UN mission in South Sudan. At the same time, she remembers the founding city of the Bulgarian state, Shumen: „The 10th largest city in Bulgaria has special historical monuments. Two of them, the Shumen Fortress and the Memorial of the Creators of the Bulgarian State, guard the city from the upper. The last one, considered the only one in the world that describes the entire history from its creation amazed me with its size and architecture. Until this visit, Bulgaria for me meant the tourist country with the Black Sea coast. After that, I discovered it differently, a country with traditions passed down from generation to generation, with beautiful views: rocks, stone stairs and narrow paths; a cuisine with Turkish and Greek influences, as well as with simple, beautiful people.”

         United States of America

         The 50 states between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans mark the joint Armed forces day starting with the third Saturday of the current month. Every year a unique theme is established, usually celebrated with parades, receptions, open doors, ground and air shows, etc.

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         The five components of the American armed forces: land, naval, air, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, are the most considerable military power in the world, according to Global Fire Power and other specialized tops. In these conditions, Moldova is more a consumer. The collaboration with the USA, launched in 1994, can be described as the most varied and present in military training and education programs, international peacekeeping, logistics, humanitarian assistance, etc. Abbreviations such as KFOR, IMET, FMF / FMS, GPOI and others are familiar and sought by the Moldovan military. Why? .. Because all these programs offer them opportunities for personal development and from here, collectively and nationally. Captain Iulian San, chief programming engineer, Communications and Informatics Center, recently returned from Georgia, USA. He says that through this experience, he has expanded his horizons of thought: „For a company commander, Captain carrier course is effective because it teaches him to make decisions at the different steps of planning. Although information can be partially applied in our army, it has an important role in forming an angle of view. Without a clear vision, knowledge is inapplicable.”

         The educational package is not complete without some trips, aiming to know the American people and the goals, which pursue them, completes the officer. Due to the pandemic, he only updated the older memoirs: „In 2016 I spent eight months in Georgia, during which time, in addition to my studies, I visited many historical places, including the cinema where A. Lincoln was assassinated. I also had a trip to Texas. Americans promote their history a lot, and it’s an opportunity for us to understand them better. „Moreover, it is an opportunity to manifest ourselves internationally. Captain Stan is one of the soldiers of the Moldovan army, who became a headliner in American schools. He was awarded the Dexter Prize for excellent results throughout the course.


Hajmáskér barracks

         Among the more than 100 castles in the Hunnic Kingdom, one belonged to an artillery unit. It was built during the founding of the Hungarian army (1848). Since then, every year, on May 16, the Hungarians honor their military forces.

         Like other states, the Hungarian army has undergone several changes, depending on its interests, national budget, and obligations to its acceded organizations. For example, increasing defense spending to about 2% of GDP, a debt assumed against NATO through the official program „Zrínyi 2026.” In these circumstances, the prioritization of activities is crucial.

         Moldova in the interests of Hungary appears in 1997 when a cooperation agreement was signed between the ministries of defense in the military mapping and geodesy field, and later an agreement between governments on preserving and perpetuating the memory about military and civilian died in the wars materialized with specific activities. The relationship was animated in 2018, with some official meetings, initiatives, negotiations, achievable remaining the studies. Until that period, 22 soldiers of the National Army benefited from various courses hosted by Hungary.

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         Beyond the official settings, the Hungarians leave positive impressions, are receptive and hospitable, says Captain Victor Popescu, Special Forces Battalion. He interacted with them in several activities, including a course held at the Hungarians birthplace: „Hungary is a specific European country. I see a resemblance to Transylvania, an area I already know. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t very interested in tourism. Instead, the course, a novelty for that period, was a special one. The course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills for military leaders to start up effectively and to manage psychosocial care in the aftermath of a minor or major casualty incident and to enable participants to achieve psychosocial awareness in a multinational military environment.”


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         On the last Liliac petal, we will note the country, which hasn’t been involved in any war in the previous 200 years, not even in the two world wars. However, Sweden reserves 1.35% of GDP annually for the army budget. It consists of reduced armed forces: ground, air and naval, deployed in peacetime in more than 70 locations in Sweden. Curiously, Sweden doesn’t have a special Armed Forces Day, although it dates back to 1544 when the king and parliament decided to set up a national army. The unique date for the Swedes is May 29, when they mark Veterans Day, a day in memory of those who served in the name of peace.

         Also, in the name of peace, Sweden is involved in various international collaborations. The relationship with the Republic of Moldova started in 2000 with some training courses. Meetings, a memorandum signed in 2017 and 6 bilateral plans targeting, in particular, Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security followed. Lieutenant-Colonel Galina Sîrbu, Chief Officer of the Information Systems Development Department, J6 Communications and Information Systems Department, discovered Sweden in 2019. She participated in the Swedish International Armed Forces SWEDINT Center course: „We learned to have knowledge and skills for various conflict situations and challenge areas, being in an international peacekeeping mission. „

         For hard work during theoretical and practical classes, with case simulations (a conflict situation), the participants were rewarded with a trip to the Swedish capital, Stockholm: „A wonderful city with small islands, bridges, old buildings with a particular architecture, lovely decorated streets. I was impressed by the Vasa Museum and the Royal Palace, having the good fortune to attend the exchange ceremony of the sentry, which guard the palace. In addition to this tourist opportunity, I met new people with different cultures and customs. We are talking to some of them so far on social networks. „

         The above reported confirmed that Moldova, including the National Army, is developing only through the relation to other states. Each collaboration offers benefits. It is essential to know in time to „serve” them from a Swedish-style dinner – a little of each – the choice is ours. All options in training, services or materials have a final global bonus – Peace.

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