Thinking of the wind

         Wind, an old meteorological phenomenon, has only one day of the year – June 15 – since 2007. Although the National Army doesn’t use wind energy, military activity is organized, taking into account this component of nature. For example, the artillerists, before firing, check the information from the weather stations. They calculate the speed, direction and height of the wind, up to 1200m and determine the corrections using special formulas, said Lieutenant-Colonel Denis Mihailov, commander of the Artillery Battalion: „The wind is one of the elements that influences the flight of the projectile. The formulas, which have proven their effectiveness over time, help us adjust to weather conditions, including wind. Moreover, the projectiles aren’t so light, and at their fly’s height, the wind is usually standard. So we do not have unforeseen situations when we don’t know how to proceed. Things do not differ in peace and wartime. „

         The wind also has a specific impact on aviation. Specifically, the 90 ° lateral wind block the taking off and landing, informs Colonel Lilian Arhip, commander of the Aviation Regiment: „The air tracks are about 40-50 m wide. In the case of lateral wind, the aircraft can drift off the way. The front wind, regardless of its speed, does not influence take-off or landing. When the aircraft is already flying, the wind is less important. It is also good to know that aircraft, whose wings exceed 50% of the total surface, are more vulnerable to wind speed.”

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