Another September 3

         For some, September 3 is the 246th day of the Gregorian calendar and the 247th day in leap years. However, history capitalizes on this date through events over time, some with a global impact, others internationally or locally, including battles, records, sound transactions, space successes and much more curious. Because in our country, September 3 is a holiday, the National Army Day, then let’s focus only on the positive ones and as close as possible to the military field.

         I classified the events into three compartments.

1. The first concerns the base persons of a state.

          Thus, England in 1189 elected with a new king, Richard I, nicknamed the „Lion Heart”; Wallachia and Moldavia met Constantin Mavrocordat, the last Romanian lord elected by the boyars in 1730. He was six times lord of Wallachia and four times lord of Moldavia, standing out as a recognized politician, good diplomat, promoter of modern culture and a great reformer. We don’t know enough about his military performance, but he always kept a conciliating, pacifying behavior, confirming several historical sources. For example, in 1741, he reorganized the military states – the servants, the horsemen, etc. They were included in the category of the taxable population, thus increasing the number of bureaucratic peasants.

2. The second compartment refers to documents.

         Two of them brought peace. The Treaty of Selymbria was signed between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice (1411) and the Treaty of Paris (1783), which ended the American Revolutionary War with the United Kingdom. As part of this treaty, the United Kingdom concluded separate treaties with France and Spain, known as the Treaties of Versailles.

         The third act is about France, which became a constitutional monarchy in 1791.

         The last two documents eliminate discrimination and promote justice. Among the multiple provisions of the document, we find art. 4 of the Title Rights and Freedoms Concerning Military Service: „Forced or Compulsory Labor” for this Article … shall not be considered military service or this is recognized as legitimate, another service instead of compulsory military service …”. Moldova ratified the Convention on July 24, 1997. For example, in 1919 Italy introduced the vote for women, and in 1953 the „European Convention on Human Rights” entered into force.

3. The third compartment contains the country symbols.

         A little research on the internet shows us that on September 3: San Marino celebrates the state founding (301); Qatar has been celebrating independence since 1971; Australia pays homage to Flag Day, and New Zealand marks Tokehega Day, the peaceful settlement of a maritime border blur between Tokelau and American Samoa.

         The essential value of September 3 for us is the National Army Day. It is good to know that the historical event took place in 1991 by decree no.194 of the first president, Mircea Snegur. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova were created „to ensure the protection of the republic’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

         Subsequently, this date becomes doubly precious for some of the military units. The Motorized Infantry Brigade „Dacia”, the Special Purpose Battalion „Lightning”, the Genius Battalion „Codru” and the Independent Transmission Regiment „Bessarabia” on September 3 1993, got their representative names and officially received the battle flags.

         In 1999 Military Museum completed the list of holidays. It’s the place where military history and art speak to us through various objects, images and documents from the Paleolithic to the present day.


Through all these positive coincidences, we live more intensely our event, and we hope that one day about those targeted on September 3 will be known worldwide, as happened with Vincennes. This first warship circumnavigated the globe from September 3 1826 until June 8, 1830.

         Happy Birthday to all the celebrants! Happy the National Army!

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