Of the Hair

         The most pleasant cut, which we accept unforced by anyone, is that of the hair. The creators of hair beauty strive to satisfy any whim, and as a reward, we celebrate World Barber’s Day on September 16.

         In a military context, haircuts are intangible with the imagination. Therefore, the standards as Bob, Sport, Model for men and Gavroche, Cara, Waterfall for women are enough to keep the military personnel in compliance with the necessary regulations, suggests us the second class sergeant, Vladimir Gusev, the informal barber of the Motorized Infantry Brigade from Balti and not only: „Before the army, in the 90’s I got local, German and London barber schools. I dreamed of this job as a child, but the military career also attracts me enormously, especially since I part of a military generation. Arriving in the army as a soldier, I decided to stay, and since then, I have combined both jobs. There is no room for great creativity in a unit, but I compensate the professional desires of my friends, relatives, acquaintances heads. I am satisfied with this life.”

         The military barber doesn’t take money from colleagues for services. The most emotional moment was when he cut the Minister of Defense, Pavel Creanga, who came on the verification visit to the unit. He was a soldier at the time.

         The Motorized Infantry Brigade from Cahul does not have a qualified barber, but it collaborates with a specialized school. Lieutenant-Major Afanasie Nastas, head of the equipment service, has been meditating for several years: „The students were practicing on the recruits’ heads, and both parties were satisfied. It is a pity that due to the pandemic, we cannot continue this collaboration. On the other hand, each subunit has its trimming tools, specially procured, to which soldiers have free access. We only identify the military right for this role. „

         In the past, each military unit was a barber employed and a special place.

In Romanian https://dragostinavicol.org/2021/09/16/de-a-fir-a-par/

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