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           The flowers, whose international day we mark on January 19, are charming in smell and color and useful, including for the military. For example, a large rose bushes row can replace a barbed wire fence, suggests Gheorghe Luchitsa, owner of the Bardar Water Lily Lake: „These are plants that have served and can continue to serve as a food source for the military. The most fruitful is the Jerusalem artichoke. It’s an accessible food source all year round, so it is a strategic reserve in the field. It contains sugar and enough calories and is tasty without cooking – you take it from the ground and eat it. The same utility has tulip bulbs, but the harvest is lower. Another flower with the same properties is Yuka; only it has to be boiled before consumption.”

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           From the masculine gestures in the middle of flowers, it would be to gather water lilies from the pond. It is a sacrifice, especially in the cold period. Still, an impressive demonstration of masculinity, concludes the scientist.


           The military’s relationship with flowers is special and emotional. Still, during the First World War, there was no Romanian soldier „… who would not hang in his long marches, a flower on his ear, to put it on his cap or a button on his tunic … It’s proof that there are some people who know how to keep their memories alive „, said Queen Maria. (source:

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           In the actual context, among the happiest of the flower company are the soldiers from the Motorized Infantry Brigade from Balti. Thanks to the particular passion for room plants of Lieutenant-Colonel Vladimir Gonța, Battalion Commander, the unit is full of color and fresh air: „My connection with plants began during my student period. I especially like those with petals, such as Geraniums, and I have them in different colors. Also, a cactus caressed me, which blossomed after 6 care. I love Figs. When I take care of flowers, I relax, and when I see them beautiful, healthy, I feel happy.”


  The longest-lived plant in the officer’s collection is 20 years old, the same as his career. Yes, flowers are Love’s truest language, says the American poet Park Benjamin.

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